Not Your Typical Clothing Store

Not Your Typical Clothing Store

Published by Amanda on 10th Feb 2020

Starting this weekend, our studio shop will be open regular hours! Please be warned: we don't stock our racks the way a typical clothing store would. If, for instance, you've been eyeing the Lucky 7 online, and you'd like to try one on in your size to see if it's your style - well, that's not how it works. Most of what we offer is made to order and made to measure.

That means we can offer a wide range of styles and silhouettes in an ever-changing selection of fabrics and colours with very minimal waste. If you want a pair of yellow bamboo leggings, we can do that! But you won't come in and find six pairs of yellow leggings in four limited sizes ready to try on and purchase any time. Instead, you send us the relevant measurements (or come in and let us measure you), and you place an order. Then we make the leggings, just for you. In the length, size, and rise that works best for you.

This is the opposite of fast fashion. We don't want you to impulse-buy something, wear it once, then toss or donate it. We want you to choose it - the style, the fabric, the colour, the details - with careful thought. What is your wardrobe missing? What key basic could make your existing pieces work together better? What garment would you want to wear everyday, if you had the choice? That's what we want to make for you. And we'll make it to fit *you*, not a random size model.

All bodies are welcome here, as long as you're willing to get measured! And we're happy to keep your measurements on file for future reference - no purchase necessary. That way, if your partner/parent/friend contacts us to say they'd like to order a surprise something for you, we'll already have the info to do that ;)

Saying all that, we do have cash & carry goodies for sale. We like to use up as much of our leftover fabric as possible, so you'll find a generous size range (32" - 65" hip) of our famous undies, as well as headbands, buffs, gauntlets, and cowls in bamboo (and sometimes upcycled woollens).

You'll find upcycled silk scrunchies and super fun OOAK garments made from our stash of deadstock print cottons. We also have a limited (but always changing) selection of pre-made garments - either prototypes, photoshoot samples, or customer returns. These are generally 25 - 75% off the made to measure price.

And lastly, we'll have fit samples of our upcoming hemp & linen line. We're working to sew up a wider size range as fast as we can! In the meantime, it's a great chance to see the styles and gorgeous new fabrics in person.

As always, we'd love to see you!! For now, our open hours are 12 - 4, Fridays & Saturdays. Be sure to double check our FBIG feeds for any changes :)


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