Made To Measure

♥ Made To Measure ♥

Each garment Amanda and I make is made to measure and made to order. Unless we are selling off photography samples, our garments are made just for you.

We make clothes to fit your body and preferences. Our aim is to give you a similar fit to what you see in the garment listing. We will adjust widths and lengths of each pattern piece to approximate the same visual length and ease as you see on the model. If you prefer a different fit, length, or detail, please let us know. We will not always be able to accommodate, but we promise to think hard about it before we say no.

We sit down together and go over your measurements, body type, and preferences. Sometimes we ask for clarification, please understand that this is not meant to imply that you measured wrong. This is how we double check that we are understanding your goals. Sometimes we don't realize that we are missing vital information until we are cutting your order. Orders are sewn up very quickly, so please know that if we are asking questions just a day or two before your ship date, your order is still on schedule. It helps if you answer quickly whenever possible ;)

♥ Choosing a Colour ♥

Computer screens vary, and there is no way for us to control this. This means that you may not have a clear idea of the colour you are ordering. We do try to accurately name the colours, but you may want to double check. Our main colour card can be found here.

You can get a better idea of the colour by searching the colour name in our shop.  For instance: Search "Rosewood" And you will find several examples of that colour to compare.

You may also request swatches of particular colours. Please send us your full name and mailing address along with the colours you would like to see. Try to keep swatch requests to five or six fabrics, just so that we don't get overwhelmed. Swatches are free and sent via lettermail.

 xoxo -Emily

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