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  • The Vintage Fabric Stash

    28th Jul 2021

    The Vintage Fabric Stash

    The most climate-friendly, environmentally-responsible, eco-chic fabric is fabric that already exist…

    Published by Amanda

  • Skirts!

    19th Jul 2021


    Ah, the elusive A-Line Skirt. Lots of people want them. Supposedly, they don't "add volume at the hi…

    Published by Amanda

  • Waistband Update

    16th Jul 2021

    Waistband Update

    Ureshii pant and skirt waistband strategy had been pretty consistent since 2007, but over the las…

    Published by Emily

  • Community Pics

    6th Jun 2021

    Community Pics

    Our Community Pics page is now live! Tons of virtual hugs to everyone who's contributed so far.…

    Published by Amanda

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