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  • Expanding on a Theme

    19th Aug 2019

    Expanding on a Theme

    As I mentioned before, these paisley pants were unexpected stars of my capsule wardrobe project. The…

    Published by Emily

  • Update - Week 13 - Wrap up

    4th Aug 2019

    Update - Week 13 - Wrap up

    My Darlings,In the first week of May this year I started this project on a whim. Through the wi…

    Published by Emily

  • Update - Weeks 10, 11, &12

    28th Jul 2019

    Update - Weeks 10, 11, &12

    My darlings, it has been A WEEK. Partly this is true because it has been three weeks. Week 10Th…

    Published by Emily

  • Just a Quick Photoshoot

    19th Jul 2019

    Just a Quick Photoshoot

    E and I had a day off together on Wednesday. We both work part-time jobs outside of Ureshii, so this…

    Published by Amanda

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