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  • A Thing About Trousers

    8th May 2020

    A Thing About Trousers

    My job this morning is to "write a thing about trousers" and I have no idea what is going to wander…

    Published by Emily

  • The Office Farmoire

    23rd Apr 2020

    The Office Farmoire

    So this post isn't particularly Ureshii-related, except that it takes place in my under-the-stairs o…

    Published by Amanda

  • Unbuttoned

    21st Apr 2020


    It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I could have better success with buttonholes in the lightweig…

    Published by Emily

  • DIY Flip-Down Pressing Board

    10th Apr 2020

    DIY Flip-Down Pressing Board

    The Ureshii ironing board got a fresh new cover earlier this year, and it's been getting lots o…

    Published by Amanda