Fabrics & Care



♥ Bamboo 

Rayon (also known as Viscose) is made from a variety of plant fibre sources, including grasses, reeds, and trees. Bamboo Rayon is specifically made from bamboo trees. Rayon dyes more easily than cotton, allowing for deep, saturated colours and minimal fading. It drapes beautifully and is super soft. Although it's technically a manufactured fibre, it breathes and feels like a natural fibre against the skin.

Our bamboo rayon blend includes cotton (this adds thickness and durability) and a touch of spandex for good shape retention. With proper care, it's quite durable and a good choice for everyday wear. Find our detailed fibre care instructions at the bottom of this page.


French Terry

The same fibre content of our everyday Bamboo blend in a heavier, cozier weight. French terry has tiny, delicate loops on its underside, rather than fleece. Don't think towels! Think - soft inner layer that doesn't pill after the first wash. Great for pants, as it's better at disguising underwear lines. For garments that work in this fabric, check out this section.


♥ Hemp ♥

A thick, textured jersey with no spandex content. Hemp is super durable and holds its shape well, and the fibres soften with washing and wearing. For garments that work well in this fabric, check out this section.


Pure Merino ♥

Merino is a specific type of wool, known for its fine fibres and smaller scales. It's soft to the touch and not at all itchy, even to those who are normally sensitive to wool. Worn against the skin it has an amazing capacity for regulating body temperature - it warms the wearer without overheating. Like most wool types, it wicks moisture away from the skin and has antibacterial properties.

This makes it the perfect fibre to wear for athletic workouts, outdoor pursuits, travel, and office wear. It's lightweight, durable, breathable, resistant to odor, easily washable, and quick to dry. It's also completely biodegradable.

The superfine Merino jersey we use is 100% wool, with no spandex content. This makes it behave a little differently than our other jerseys. It relaxes significantly while wearing, and we compensate for this when we size your garment. This means that your garments will feel quite snug when you first put them on. Don't panic!

For garments that work in this fabric, check out this section.


♥ Stretch Merino ♥

A lightweight, super-breathable, temperature-regulating fabric. Works equally well for cozy, beautiful dresses as it does for practical base layers like leggings. It has lots of stretch and great shape retention. For garments that work best in this fabric, check out this section


♥ Sweater Merino ♥ 

A thicker, still lightweight blend of merino and tencel. Tencel adds strength, drape, shape retention, and softness to this cozy double knit fabric. Super luxurious feel and easy to care for. For garments that work in this fabric, see this section.


♥ Sweater Knit ♥

Our gorgeously soft and drapey sweater knit fabric is made of natural fibres with just a touch of spandex. A luxe, cozy look that won't cause you to overheat and the perfect alternative for those sensitive to wool. For garments that work in this fabric, see this section.


Slub ♥ 

Our organic cotton/bamboo slub jersey is a textured, lightweight, and durable fabric that's perfect for travel. It's spandex-free and breathable, so it's hot weather friendly. Lighter colours are slightly sheer. Like our 100% merino, this fabric relaxes a bit as it warms to your body, so it works best for easy fit designs. For garments that work in this fabric, check out this section.


♥ Fabric Care Instructions ♥

Use a small amount of a delicate wool wash (Eucalan or Soak), rather than regular detergent. Wash by hand or on the delicate cycle, separately and inside out. Use a mesh bag in top-loading machines. For stain removal, we get good results using Shout - spray on a generous amount (no rubbing!), let sit overnight or longer, then wash as usual.

To dry, lay garments over a drying rack or shower rail. Distribute the weight evenly and do not use hangers. Bamboo is sensitive to abrasion - if you want your clothes to look their best, do NOT put them in the dryer. 

For merino and linen, extend the life of your garment by washing it less often. Spot washing is often all that’s needed. A light steam from the shower and a 24 hr rest period between wearings will refresh the fibres and allow them to bounce back into shape. If distortion or twisting occurs after washing, dry on low to medium heat in the dryer and remove while still damp.  An occasional trip through the dryer helps retain shape. If shrinkage occurs, gently reshape while damp.

Wrinkles from packing or folding will fall out naturally while wearing.  For faster results, lightly steam the garment, without touching the fabric directly.