When Soft Tops Attack!

When Soft Tops Attack!

Published by Emily on 10th Nov 2013

I made twenty five Soft Tops this week, so it seemed like the perfect time to give this garment a good going over.  We’ve been selling this top since day one, and it doesn’t seem to be losing popularity, at all.

Our modest, but not too modest (don’t bend forward) answer to the Drapey Top, with just enough sleeve to make some of us feel a little more comfortable.  The kimono style sleeve can be extended slightly and finished with a wider cuff for more coverage.

We show it without a waistband, since it is supposed to be a flowy belly-glossing-over look. I prefer mine with a waistband, to keep it anchored on the hip.

I filmed myself making a Soft Top today, OK, I filmed myself making three Soft Tops today and this is the best one. In the midst of our youngest’s 13th birthday and the required pizza production, I think I managed very well! Thank goodness I chose the Soft Top too, the camera only films video ten minutes at a time.

You’ll notice our "visitor’s" chair in the background with Eldest camped out and supervising. This is why we work the way we do.  It is pretty priceless to us to remain available to our kids while making our living.

xoxo Emily