Update - Weeks 10, 11, &12

Update - Weeks 10, 11, &12

Published by Emily on 28th Jul 2019

My darlings, it has been A WEEK. Partly this is true because it has been three weeks. 

Week 10

The sewing shop I work at part-time moved, and I ended up there for seven days straight. The first three were spent trying to get as much sewing done pre-move as possible. The last four were spent doing the actual moving and setting-up of the new space. On those four days I wore my work shirt and jeans - there wasn't time or energy for more than one picture in that outfit.

Week 11

The new space is better and brighter, and my bike ride is farther but more pleasant. All great! I went to work again on Monday in my cotton kanga dress. This is turning out to be my best hot weather option, by far. Then I took three days to catch up on sewing at home. 

These outfits were comfortable and fun to wear. The yellow shoes are a no-go, so there was an extensive amount of online shopping, to no avail. 

Two days of work, one day at home. Can you tell the boss at home is more demanding?

These selfies are not showing the shoes, so above, the order goes: sparkle flats, liberty toms, none. Below, the order is: sparkle flats (not the best combo), liberty toms, sparkle flats. In my adult life I have never worn my shoes this intensively - the results are not good.

Week 12

Two days of work, one funeral where I broke the project. When I built a capsule with only one black garment, I did not anticipate funerals. I also didn't expect to find everyone at the funeral wearing bright florals. It felt like the right thing for me to wear, though.

My workload is starting to hint at letting up this week, and I have had some special moments with friends and family, some of whom are pictured!

On Saturday, we went to the Charlottetown Pride celebrations. I was a little disappointed not to be able to wear something insane, but I made up for it with a full face of glitter. We had a lot of fun, and we shopped for shoes:

The failed yellow shoes were usurped by these gold flats, which I'm pretty excited to rock. Amanda thinks I need a smoking jacket... and I tend to agree. #NotAMinimalist 

I hope you are all having lovely weeks and a fantastic summer! All my <3 <3 <3