Update - Week 8

Update - Week 8

Published by Emily on 1st Jul 2019

Happy July first everyone! On PEI we have not yet achieved summer weather, but we are still hopeful!

OOTD July 1

The theme this week is definitely jeans. I have been thinking hard about what I need from a pair of jeans. This has manifested in me wearing my flared jeans four of seven days this week, and my workwear jeans twice. 

I need to say that the flared jeans are good jeans. They have not wronged me in any way. They are fun to wear and not uncomfortable unless I am sitting a whole day at the sewing machine. 

The workwear jeans are also great. They are altered hand-me-downs that have served me well for the past six years, their only sin is being covered in various adhesive.

Work Days - Week 8

This week the weather was pretty cool. I only went to work three days, and it was a struggle to stay warm. The french terry wrap top was a good solution, and it worked equally well with a skirt and jeans. 

My pencil skirt did no twisting, even though I didn't have a top tucked into it. I'm starting to wonder if the twisting problem was imagined. 

I left my jacket at work over a four day (RAINY) weekend. Don't mind though, because I had a four day weekend ;)

At Home days - Week 8

My passion for outfit building ran low on at home days this week. When at home I am excited to complete list items and getting dressed has slowly dropped from priority of place. I am interested to see if switching up a few items will renew my enthusiasm for the project.

I will put off my switch up for another week. I am not quite ready to make decisions on all four of the items I plan to switch, but I have come to a decision on jeans.

Mom Jeans, Girlfriend Khaki, Flared Jeans

The first jeans in the project were the mom jeans. I liked the high waist, but they were too tight in the crotch and just a little short for my personal comfort. 

The khakis are great, again short, but purposefully so. I like them but they have been annoying me lately because they photograph too similarly to the flared jeans. 

I love how much personality the flared jeans have, but I want them for occasional use, not as my everyday jeans.

I had it in the back of my mind to make a pair of paper bag waisted jeans. I have been making the jersey version, but I kneel on the floor at work and don't think the jersey would put up with it. This week I made a pair in lightweight hemp denim. 

I really like these, they are comfortable and flattering and work on me, but I get the same feeling as with the flared jeans. These would be great with certain outfits, but are not my perfect everyday jeans.

I went back to the drawing board and made a list of what I need in a pair of jeans:

  • Comfortable for sewing all day
  • Full length
  • High waist
  • Pockets that can hide a handkerchief
  • Detail at the waist
  • Narrow enough to roll up at the hem

And so I drafted and made these pull on jeans in the same lightweight hemp denim:

I haven't worn them for a full day yet, but I will definitely put them in for the next round. The outlook is good.

Next up, a lightweight long cardigan!

I hope you all have a lovely week, 

xoxo -E