Update - Week 7

Update - Week 7

Published by Emily on 23rd Jun 2019

We are half way through this experiment and so far I am very satisfied. I am learning some personal and some straight up physical truths about clothing that hadn't dawned on me till now. 

Realization # 1: It turns out that length is not subjective. Last week I lengthened two of my dresses, one with a contrast band, one with a ruffle. I love the new version of my Kanga dress and am able to ride my bike to work easily (and somewhat modestly). 

The ruffle, while not technically my style, adds a pleasing weight and swing to my Margot dress. Both dresses became more fun and more practical to wear.

Realization #2: I do, in fact, enjoy wearing blue. I always thought of myself as preferring the red/orange/yellow end of the spectrum, and I definitely do enjoy those colours. 

I was surprised each time I added a blue garment into the project. I am more surprised to see how often choosing blue means choosing an entire blue (or cool toned) outfit. I'm not sure how informative this is, except to remind me that my notions are often unreliable. 

Realization #3: Pyjama days are sometimes necessary. Our house is quite cool even when it is warm outside. The two days I spent at home this week were ones where I dressed on the cozy side. The first in my very blanket-like sweater jacket, and the second where I didn't change into clothes, only clean pyjamas.

It has been a luxury to make getting dressed each day and taking a photo a priority. Especially since Amanda has taken the opportunity to practice her photography. There are days, though, that it is a luxury to not do those things and this was one of them. I got so much done, you guys!

I have it in my head that I need to start planning for the next switch up now. I am only allowing myself four switches (half of last month's number), and want to take the time to make some new garments if necessary. 

The first problem is definitely jeans. The flared jeans are not as fun as I'd hoped and I need to come up with a plan to replace them. I still haven't decided what with, there may have to be test photos.

The blue linen cardigan is lovely and light, but the silhouette isn't quite right. I think I need something loose and light, further testing is definitely in order.

We are heading into another hectic week, my work is moving to a new building and I may actually lose my mind between now and next Sunday. Cross all the things for me!

xoxo -E