Update - Week 6

Update - Week 6

Published by Emily on 16th Jun 2019

Hello to you all!  I hope things are warming up and greening up as beautifully for you as they are for us on Prince Edward Island. It was lovely this week with some rainy nights, my favourite weather.

Kept it warm and casual for sewing at home today.

I managed to be really happy with my outfits this week. I felt comfortable and put together and appropriately dressed. Amanda was available for photo taking most days, so I feel as though my pictures are improving.

I'm sure you can hear the 'but' coming, I know I can! 

It was warm this week, warm enough to take my bike to work every day. At work the air conditioning gave up and it has become even warmer. We are moving at the end of the month, so there is no hope of getting it fixed. 

I've mentioned somewhere that I was feeling iffy about the length of two dresses in my capsule. I partly wanted to try out dresses over pants, which is how they made it in. I partly wanted to know if these dresses weren't being worn because they were too short. Now that the warm weather is here I know I included two dresses that can not be worn by themselves, let alone on a bike. 

There was a particularly sad morning this week when all of this dawned on me.

I decided to solve the problem rather than pout. My Kanga went under the knife for a second time. It is a heavier cotton canvas so removing the sleeves will make it less prone to sweat marks. The contrast binding helps give context to the added band at the bottom. 

Same story with my Margot. Frillier than I am used to, but I think it looks very cute on the floor. 

The other problem with biking to work is narrowness of skirts. My red dress would do perfectly if I unbuttoned the bottom button, I suspect, theory not yet tested. 

My blue skirt suffered tragedy when I did try biking in it. I'm sure this skirt could last me either the rest of my life, or the summer, depending on how I use it. The lining is very light polyester that I already find irritating, so I'm not super sad that it will need replacing. I will have to explore the options available for future woven pencils, maybe vented front and back?

Once again I am ending the weekend more hopeful about the coming week than I felt on Friday. 

Reviewing photos is an excellent way to harness any weird notions that crop up. I kept feeling I had worn my colourful cardigans (yellow and orchid) too often this week. Clearly not the case, I only wore one once. 

I am excited for my new *hopefully* long enough dresses, and continued good weather. I wish you all a productive and satisfying week! 

All my ❤️❤️❤️ -E