Update - Week 4

Update - Week 4

Published by Emily on 2nd Jun 2019

My darlings. It is a day I have been looking forward to, and dreading a tiny bit! A day where I assimilate all I've learned over the past month and magically solve the puzzle of my capsule wardrobe with some well-thought-out and beautifully-made custom pieces that I took the time to make for myself. None of that happened. 

Instead I spent the morning sewing samples and stubbornly not getting dressed or doing my makeup. I even debated ending the project altogether, after all, I'm not unhappy with my wardrobe, and I'm not a minimalist. But there is something that is keeping me engaged in this puzzle. This project isn't just teaching me about what garments are worth buying, but in some ways about what garments are worth making

I haven't panicked about my wardrobe size in the past because clothes don't really go bad. Most of the purchased garments we own are thrifted and can return to the thrift store at any time without being a waste of money. The other garments I own are often experiments in drafting and sewing. There is always a skill-building component that is valuable regardless of whether or not I wear the outcome. 

In both senses this capsule wardrobe project has given me a tighter framework to make decisions about what clothes to buy and what clothes to make. This is a lot of thinking, but I think it is good for me :)

Anyways, enough rambling, the selfies continue:

Week 4 + 1 pyjama day not pictured

Week four went beautifully. It has warmed up a bit and I was able to make sure all of the garments on the roster had at least one wearing. I kept a close watch on silhouette again, and all of my alterations seemed to keep me more put-together. On Monday (bottom left) I was wearing all cotton and arrived at work to find out our furnace had run out of oil. I ended up coming home and changing into my Chalet Top in twilight merino and recently-cropped oatmeal cardigan. It was a good test of that alteration, and I actually like the sweater, so thumbs up!

My remaining challenge really has to do with shoes. I have always felt as if I'm standing in a paper bag when I wear flats with dresses or skirts. It took me until yesterday to get up the courage to wear the closed toed sandals I had put in the project, and they were actually great. I wore them with pants, but I will keep them in and try wearing them with a dress very soon ;) 

And that brings us to the things I am switching out, first up, shoes:

I switched out my mustard Toms for a pair of grey ballet flats that I impulsively bedazzled. I know these are comfortable, but they always felt bland. I guess we'll see how that goes! 

My two woven tanks were feeling baggy despite alteration and context. I switched out the denim coloured one for one that fits better and is a more neutral blue. The natural tank was to be replaced by a white v-neck that I did not get around to making, but I found this aqua one and I am hoping this will be a good lightweight option. Four of these are carried over from the last go round. The orange wrap top is a brighter option replacing the Chalet Top.

I found I was enjoying my shorter cardigans more, and also my yellow one. So I've added in this orchid cardigan that I have had forever. I find this particular brand and style of cardigan at the thrift store often and resist buying them because I don't wear the ones I have. And so, a reckoning.

I left myself with one longer neutral option. The Stella has been hiding in a bin in the closet, I thought it would do as a way to add sleeves (and length) to dresses, not to mention the tie could let me play with proportion.

I liked the look of the "Mom jeans" for the most part, but as all of us 90s girls know, a pant that hooks over your hip bones and doesn't contain spandex is problematic. We have a pair of vintage Ikeda jeans that are more comfortable, but they are more roomy and more tapered and I fear will leave me looking like a ragamuffin.

I plan to make myself a pair of denim-coloured paperbag pants in our new hemp fabric, but I don't have the time this week. Instead, I pulled those mom jeans and the skinnies from the roster and replaced them with the flared jeans I had been wearing earlier in the spring. These feel like they have a lot of attitude, and while they are snug they don't reach my hip bones. I will also be glad to have a pair of pants that reach the floor ;)

I am sticking with both woven dresses and the original skirt. I added in a navy and white striped Pencil that has been calling me from the closet. I also switched out the green Margot dress for a more colourful one. This dress is quite short and can either be a dress or top, depending on how brave I'm feeling.

Pyjamas, jackets, and workwear stay, and that includes the red sweater, don't worry!

I am ending this day feeling pretty happy to be continuing. Not many of the choices I made were pre-planned. I feel as though this puzzle could be coming together beautifully or falling apart completely. I guess we will see how the next week goes! 

All my love,