Update - Week 3

Update - Week 3

Published by Emily on 26th May 2019

I just read over my week two update and I no longer see those outfits as 'sloppy' which is interesting. It is shocking how unaccustomed I am to seeing my actual self in photos. 

At home sewing today

I dressed this week keeping silhouette in mind. I was battling that perceived sloppiness by wearing cropped sweaters with my roomier pants or loose cardigans with my skinny jeans. I wore scarves more often, so as to stay warm without adding bulk.

Week 3 Outfits

It was a busy week, and I haven't taken the time to fuss about how I looked yet. Probably I'm great, neither traumatized nor impressed.

I am finding I'm already looking forward to making changes to my wardrobe options at the end of the month. Before I move on from this set of garments though, I should catch up on alterations. I need to fully explore the potential of this wardrobe before I cast it aside in disgust. 

Of the thirty three garments in the project, I have altered nine of them. 

Both woven tanks needed to be taken in. I have also taken in the red long sweater, plum tiny tee, navy khaki pants, and green pj bottoms. I pinched the top outer shoulder on the green woven hemp tee.

My oatmeal cardigan suffered an unfortunate curry incident and lost ten inches of length. I am wearing my clothes more frequently, and finding wear and tear more of an issue than I expected.

An unintentional experiment

I wore my orange Kanga with my navy pants on Saturday. I loved the outfit, but also felt like the dress needed  some serious attention if I am going to wear it with roomy pants.

Actually have to use the zipper now

I am interested in seeing how all of these small changes add up in the daily outfit shots. I am also interested to see which of the altered garments become favourites and which remain problematic.