Update -  Week 2

Update - Week 2

Published by Emily on 19th May 2019

We blasted out a photo shoot on Tuesday morning and I got to wear some entire Ureshii outfits. I just about died of comfort and realized that the only time I wear full Ureshii within the project is in my PJs or bare legs. It is a mystery to me how I did not think to put some sort of Ureshii bottom in the project. I plan to fix that at the end of the month when I am allowed to make adjustments.

Spending today in PJs and finding myself both productive and comfortable, if a little serious ;)

When I put this project together, in the three days between saying it out loud to Amanda and launching it, I thought warmer days were coming. I knew the way I've been dressing all winter would not be capsule wardrobe friendly.

Skinny jeans and bulky wool sweaters was an excellent way to survive a PEI winter. I'd mine our extensive collection for a wool sweater I hadn't worn recently. We would wear it three or four times over the course of a few weeks, put it in the wash, and then put it back in storage. Our aim is to wash and wear these sweaters infrequently so as to extend their precious lives. This wouldn't have worked in a wardrobe where the number of garments is limited. Also, I planned to be too warm for bulky sweaters. This might have been an oversight.

What I wore this week, the red sweater is definitely winning the #SweaterWars

I also felt it was time to step away from skinny jeans as a staple. I have been wearing more "mom jeans" and flared jeans through the early spring. Leaving all but one pair of skinnies out of the project has meant that my wardrobe references my body less than I am accustomed to.

These two things have left me looking at pictures of myself that, to me, look sloppy. I am layering as a necessity because I am cold. (It is excellent practice for me, as layering has never been my strong suit.) My layered looks with roomy pants are showing my shape even less than I am used to. I don't think I feel uncomfortable or unhappy wearing these outfits, but the pictures I'm taking look more casual than I intend.

While I don't plan to retreat to my sweaters and skinny jeans, I do plan to make some targeted switches at the end of the month. I don't think I will switch out my pant choices entirely, but I will make sure I have some more fitted and/or slightly dressier options to pull from. I am also crossing my fingers for warmer weather. High of 10ºC (50ºF) today, thank goodness!

❤️ E & A unsupervised ❤️

This is not to say that the results of the project have been entirely negative thus far. This week Amanda and I took a short trip, and let me tell you, the packing process was A BREEZE. It was so easy to choose the most appropriate outfits for the weather and activities from among a finite set of garments. The same goes for shopping. Thrifting is our main form of entertainment when we do leave the house. It is very easy to decide which garment to purchase when it needs to fit into an existing scheme. 

I hope you all had a beautiful Sunday and are taking good care of yourselves. Much love,