Update - Week 1

Update - Week 1

Published by Emily on 13th May 2019

My dears, it is time for me to post my first weekly update and my mind feels completely blank. I wore twenty-six of my thirty-three garments. I wore eight garments two or three times. My clothing choices were split evenly between ones I made, ones I thrifted, and ones that were purchased new. I'm surprised by how many things I wore and by how evenly split they were.

Day Six - Probably my favourite outfit this week, no photographer on hand ;)

It was neither particularly comforting nor uncomfortable to choose from a finite set of garments throughout the week. It isn't something I'm used to, so it did take a little more thought than usual to get dressed.

My normal rhythm is to choose from among the not clean/not dirty clothes on the ladder in our room, pants and sweaters mainly, and use those as the jumping off point for outfit creation. Something I could almost do (did do) with my eyes closed :)

I found myself panicking each night about what I would choose the next morning. Trying to not wear the same pants twice in a row, or shirt or sweater. I'm not sure that was a consideration before as my pant choices had more to do with the laundry cycle and once washed could leave rotation indefinitely. Same goes for sweaters, Amanda and I have an extensive wooly sweater collection. We have plans to turn one of the kids' rooms into a cedar lined closet, an indication of how non-minimalist our inclinations are.

Despite panic and planning, it was a fairly simple task to put an outfit together in the morning. I usually held three garments together and chose the colour combo I liked the best. The fevered plans from the night before never come to fruition. I am using the present tense because I am currently panicking about what I'll wear tomorrow o.0

Days Four, Five, and Seven - Learning to layer ;)

I really started this project on a whim. I am not unhappy dressing the way I have been for the past year. I do often wonder if I have a signature style though, aside from "very in touch with her inner eleven year old".

I've been selling and making clothes for fifteen years. I've worked hard to see the point in everyone's wardrobe choices and the good in each garment. I know that so long as a garment fits, and even fit is sometimes fungible, one can choose to rock it. I have a lot of clothes in my collection that are first samples in second choice fabrics that I choose to rock so as not to waste them.

What I hope to gain is context, the ability to choose a set of garments that get along and all make me feel the most me possible. I imagine that will mean making garments that are finalized patterns in fabrics I love and choose carefully.

Day 8 - Switching camera and backdrop, this looks more like me at last :D

I don't yet have any plans for adjustments to my chosen wardrobe at the end of the month. I have a short list of alterations to make to the garments in this current set, and my fingers are crossed for warmer weather.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and choose to wear what you love whenever possible.

*all the hugs* -E