Published by Amanda on 17th Feb 2021

Comfort is super important to us. It guides our fabric, finishing, and design choices, and it's one reason we focus on offering good fit. A well-fitting garment looks better, of course, but it also feels better. Fit and comfort go hand in hand.

And a comfortable outfit starts with the underthings. We've been making and selling undies since Ureshii's early days, and we added bralettes into our official offerings last year. Like all our designs, they're available in any size - send us your measurements, and we'll make them to fit.

In 2019, the PEI Binder Project opened our eyes to the need for safe, comfortable gender-affirming undergarments. There's so little out there! And none of it is easily accessible to youth, particularly here on PEI. We worked with them to develop some basic patterns and prototypes for testing, sharing, and distributing to local folks.

Our love of natural fibres means that anything we offer can only provide light to medium compression on its own. That's the safest option for youth, and it's a great option for lounging and sleeping. Natural fibres are softer and cooler than synthetics, so there are fewer issues with chafing and sweating. If you're looking for sturdier support, we're currently testing the option of a synthetic power mesh interlining. Let us know if you'd like to try it - your feedback would be immensely appreciated!

You can find our lightweight binder option under the Crop Tank listing. For smoothing and light compression below the waist, we offer a tuck version of our Bikini Undies

We're happy to provide gender-affirming underthings to youth and folks in need, free of charge. If you know someone, please reach out to us, or invite them to do so directly. We'll ask for some basic measurements (for binders - chest/bust, underbust, underbust depth; for tuck undies - upper hip, lower hip), and you can find our measurement guide here.



PS. Our access to good "nude" colours beyond light beige and black is super limited, and we apologize for the lack of selection. We are working on it, I promise!