There's No Shame In Multiples

There's No Shame In Multiples

Published by Amanda on 7th Jun 2018

We've been fielding lots of inquiries recently about capsule wardrobes, which seems like a good reason to start blogging again. If we stick with it, this will be a series of pointers on how to develop your own capsule wardrobe - one that you will actually wear, and hopefully even *enjoy* wearing ;)

The most common question so far: "Do you sell capsule wardrobes?". Well, yes. And also, no. We aim to provide you with the tools you need to build one yourself, because *you* know best what works for you. There's no point spending money on aspirational clothes that you will rarely wear.

Done right, a capsule wardrobe frees up your closet, your suitcase, your time, and most importantly, your brain. It's a complex, very personal puzzle, and it's well worth the effort to figure it out. It's an investment that pays off, we promise.

Overwhelmed by the notion? With good reason! So take it slow.

that feeling when you own a drawerful of pretty tops, but your favourite one is in the wash :(

First, consider usage: Is this specifically a travel wardrobe? A work wardrobe? An everyday, super-versatile, let-me-never-have-to-waste-time-getting-dressed-again wardrobe? Is it specific to a time of year (ex. cold weather friendly)? You can have multiple capsules, each with a different purpose or season. Or you can have one basic capsule that you add and subtract pieces from as needed.

Next up: Keeping your usage in mind, what is your go-to garment or outfit? What do you like about it? Why do you pick it, again and again? Some technical things to note about it (literally! I recommend keeping a notebook) are:

  • colour
  • shape/silhouette
  • style (ex. retro, simple, romantic, bohemian, polished, quirky, modest)
  • fabric (ex. knit, woven, soft, stretchy, stiff, lightweight, thick)
  • fit (ex. snug, relaxed, flowy)
  • design details (neckline shape/depth, sleeve style/length)

Then ask yourself, "Would it be a terrible thing to own multiples of the clothes I wear the most?". The answer is NO. That is not a terrible thing. It is a wonderful thing, and an easy bit of self care. If you own a garment that you love and that works for you, why limit yourself to one?

ordered from the Archives, Louisa Dress in Peach and Mermaid bamboo

Multiples are an easy first step to building a capsule wardrobe. They can vary in colour or in sleeve length, or they can be identical. If they allow you to get dressed without angst, make you look good and feel great, stick with what works!

ordered from the Archives, colour blocked Jessie Tops in a lovely range of shades and fabrics. Add a neutral pant or pencil, and you're ready for anything

And if your go-to garment is from Ureshii, then yes! We're happy to make you another just like it any time. We keep detailed notes on all of your past orders, and we're always willing to pull retired patterns out of the cabinet as needed.

Read more about capsule wardrobes here and check out a sample of a purely Ureshii capsule here.

xoxo Amanda