The Office Farmoire

The Office Farmoire

Published by Amanda on 23rd Apr 2020

So this post isn't particularly Ureshii-related, except that it takes place in my under-the-stairs office. Which isn't a space we've shown before, apparently...

Here's a pic from 2013. (No current photo, as it's currently crammed with pantry goods and extra furniture. We're renovating the pantry, which, turns out, normally stores a ridiculous amount of STUFF).

There are no windows in my office, though there's plenty of light from at least two directions. It's still a bit cave-like, which I love. It's in the very centre of the house, in easy speaking distance of both the sewing studio and the kitchen. I can keep track of everything from here, offline and on. Plus, my under-the-desk subwoofer makes the entire house vibrate in a very satisfying manner when the mood for bass strikes ;)

There's a storage cabinet for office and shipping supplies, but I started to need something with more room in it. We had the brilliant idea recently to replace that cabinet with a farmoire.

Our good friend Alan over at The Micro Farmers introduced us to both microgreen kits and the farmoire concept. Microgreens are a nutrition-rich, delicious food that you grow yourself in a sunny window. If, like us, your windowsills get too cold on winter nights or are routinely covered in lounging cats, then a farmoire set-up is an excellent alternative. A simple grow light, some shelf space, and a dark drawer or cupboard for sprouting are all that's needed. Our favourite hunter of vintage furniture hooked us up...

..TA DA! Farmoire fabulousness. It's large enough to store all my office paraphernalia in the bottom bit. The grow light helpfully lights up an otherwise dark corner, and it means I now have an Office Garden.

This might be better than actual gardening. It's easy, it's super quick, there are no bugs, and you don't have to put on boots or gloves. You can have fresh, local greens any day of the year with very little effort.

And you can graze like a goat on your way to the kitchen!

If you're stuck at home social distancing or if you have kids you're eager to introduce to gardening, definitely give micro farming a try. The Micro Farmers is a local, family-run business, and they are super thoughtful in the sourcing of every piece in their kits. Their growing instructions are easy to follow, and their seeds are organic and Canadian-grown whenever possible ❤️

xoxo -A