The Ever-Changing Stash of Zero-Waste Goodies

The Ever-Changing Stash of Zero-Waste Goodies

Published by Amanda on 11th Dec 2020

Because we cut each garment individually and by hand, we use our fabrics very efficiently. The few off-cuts and roll-ends that we do end up with are repurposed whenever possible. When you order undies and let us choose the fabric, we will always head for our jersey scrap bin first.

But not all fabric is suited to undies. So every six months or so, we have a zero-waste cutting blitz. It is so so satisfying to turn chaos into this:

Which means we almost always have a secret stash of neck warmers and wrist warmers ready to ship. Possibly, we should make them less secret? Good plan.

More recently, E has been gathering up our favourite woven fabric treasures and turning them into Covered Button Earrings:

And then, there's always headbands, regular and kid-size:

You can find all of our zero-waste offerings hereContact us for current options. Custom requests are welcome, but pricing may differ.

xoxo Amanda