The Benefits of Being a Fabric Squirrel

The Benefits of Being a Fabric Squirrel

Published by Emily on 3rd Feb 2020

For as long as I've been sewing, I've been saving. Fabric and findings and tools squirrelled away for the day when I have opportunity to use them. Since I've given up my day job and am back at Ureshii full time, I've decided that now is the time.

In recent years I've gained access to some deadstock hoards. Fabric now avalanches out of the closets and into bins stacked around the edge of our photo studio. Most of them are wovens, and not the Ureshii aesthetic. These fabrics all attracted me for some reason, but very few of them have plans attached.

In my #project333 challenge, garments I hadn't worn and could never stand to declutter became the hinge pins of my personal style. Now these fabric treasures are leading me toward a greater flexibility in my Ureshii designs. I'm feeling more inspired about what these fabrics can be and convincing myself to sew more complicated garments to push my imagination further.

I've been doing some Sunday sewing projects here and there, experimenting. I'm freeing up my sense of what garments should look like and what would definitely flatter everyone. Instead I'm trying to focus on what I would enjoy making and wearing.

This weekend I made a quilted cotton coat that feels amazing to wear. It's lined with repurposed butterfly cotton and some Bemburg lining from our closet stash, finished with vintage labels and assorted hardware. And, bonus - it matches my ironing board:

I'm happy to sell this coat to you or make another to fit. If you're interested, send me a message! I have more of the forest fabric, but no more of the butterflies (unless Eldest is willing to switch out her curtains!).

xoxo -E