• Tools of the Trade

    7th May 2019

    Tools of the Trade

    Emily came home with the most wonderful news the other day - she met a local man with a scissor-sharpening machine, and he knew how to use it. It might not be immediately obvious, but this is A Clo…

    Published by Amanda

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  • When Soft Tops Attack!

    10th Nov 2013

    When Soft Tops Attack!

    I made twenty five Soft Tops this week, so it seemed like the perfect time to give this garment a good going over.  We’ve been selling this top since day one, and it doesn’t seem to be losing…

    Published by Emily

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  • The REAL Ureshii Heroes

    4th Oct 2013

    The REAL Ureshii Heroes

    Seems like time to introduce the real stars of the whole Ureshii operation. (Someone should cover all kitty ears for a minute or two!) True, I do all the sewing, but these babies stop me from spending…

    Published by Emily

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