Project 333 - A capsule wardrobe challenge

Project 333 - A capsule wardrobe challenge

Published by Emily on 9th May 2019

Hello my darlings, Emily here. It has been a silly amount of time since I updated our blog. I am here, we are well and happy, and hope you are also!

Introducing my capsule wardrobe project

For those of you who have read past posts, you know I have been taken with the idea of capsule wardrobes for my entire adult life. I have made a few sallies into the production and design of a capsule collection, including some extensive photo grids. While the idea of a set of clothing that all goes together was interesting to me, I never truly tested the theory of a capsule collection. I thought of it as a module within a larger wardrobe and that may be what set me up to fail. 

I recently came across the idea of the Project 333 Wardrobe Challenge created by blogger Courtney Carver. In this challenge she suggests living for three months wearing only 33 garments. You can read more about it here:

It intrigued me to think of a capsule wardrobe as an entire wardrobe. A huge puzzle that needs to incorporate all areas of life instead of just work or travel. I also liked the larger number of items, I had never looked past nine to twelve items that went together. I have decided to adjust the rules a bit to match my life. I will start Monday May 6, and my rules are as follows:

  • Total of 33 garment wardrobe including pyjamas, shoes, and jackets.
  • Underwear, socks, and accessories are not included.
  • Adjustments may be made at the end of each month, ie. a garment may be swapped out for a more appropriate one.
  • No all-day pyjama days.
  • Post an outfit image to Instagram each day (I am already tardy on this count, but my catch up photos are below).
  • Write an update blog post each Sunday.

My life right now is very casual. I am currently working in a sewing shop three or four days each week. I am active and often sitting on the floor (marking hems) in not the cleanest environment. Mobility and durability are my main priority. I still like to be colourful and put together, just machine washable!

Other days I work from home, on these days my habit has been to stay in my pyjamas. In the project I challenge myself to put on an outfit each morning. I am interested to see if this affects my attitude ;)

I have pulled some garments from our existing wardrobe and made and thrifted a few pieces to *hopefully* make everything work. Here is my starting lineup:

My PJs

It was important for me to include PJs in the project because my pyjama situation had deteriorated terribly. I wear pyjamas for sacred morning coffee, yoga, and cuddling with A in the evening. They deserved my attention.

Tanks and Tees

I've pulled most of the usual suspects. I have been wearing the top three tanks and the plum Tiny Tee regularly over the last year. The blue denim tank on the left bottom is a recent thrifted purchase that needs alteration, I thought I might like a neutral option with bra coverage. The green tee on the bottom right is a test of our new Ivy lightweight hemp/cotton, I couldn't resist nabbing the sample :)


Pants are the practical option for most of my days. I have tended towards skinny jeans and giant sweaters or sloppy cardigans over the winter. The first two pairs are my attempt to move toward a baggier silhouette. The green jeans are my skinny fall back plan. The last pair join the ranks purely as a gardening/woodworking option.

Dresses, Long-sleeved Tops, and a Skirt

I tend to reach for colourful dresses once the weather warms up. The orange dress was my favourite from last summer. The green Margot dress is Amanda's, but it seemed to get along well on the rack and could serve as a tunic or dress. The blue Chalet Top in Midnight merino was one of my winter staples this year, I thought it necessary for some of the colder spring days. The skirt---an as yet unworn new purchase---this is its chance to shine or be purged. The red dress is a thrifted transformation, part pattern testing, part it's not warm enough to wear yet and I couldn't stand the thought of not getting to wear it :)


I already wear three of these cardigans constantly, the yellow one seemed like it deserved a chance to be worn.


Left over bits: My windbreaker for early morning biking to work. The long red sweater for wearing as a spring jacket.  A bathing suit because the beach needs to be a place we spend time this year! The men's shirt will have to serve as both gardening/woodworking wear and beach cover up. I prefer a cotton dress shirt at the beach, but I didn't want to set one aside specifically :)


In case you can't tell, my inner eleven year old has taken over dressing me! The blue high tops have been my winter casual-with-socks option. Toms will be my go-to work wear for the spring/summer as soon as it is warm enough to go sockless. I have given up heels for the most part over the past year, so the yellow shoes are my attempt to rock dressy flats, we will see how that goes 0.0 (Side note: a mustard shoe is a nude on me.) The grey sneakers are for gardening/woodworking, they look cuter in this photo than they actually are.

My first three days

Eldest (21) has very kindly taken a quick pic of my outfit each morning, (one with Grama's summer tires, and one with Grama's winter tires, now safely stowed away) I'm sure we'll be much better at this process by the three month mark.  

I already feel that I've learned some things while putting this wardrobe together. Namely how nice it is to have all of your clothes clean and pressed and stored together ;) I hope to have more to report over the coming weeks, and that you will find my writing worth reading.

all my love -E