Published by Emily on 7th May 2016

*updated February 2017 - price upgrades no longer required ;)

I’ve decided it’s time for us to have a frank discussion about one of the great sources of tension between clothing makers and clothing buyers. Pockets.

Carolyn Dress with side seam pockets

I’m the first to admit that pockets are helpful. Not just as a place to keep hankies and *gasp* keys, but also to give something to do with our hands. I’ve always kept pockets to a minimum for selfish reasons, to keep the lines cleaner, my life easier, and to stop y’all from using them. Ever notice how pockets are the first thing to wear out? Knit fabrics are less up to the challenge than most.

We’ve been doing this dance for nearly 8 years, and I’ve slowly broken down, and amended pocket design until it is something I can live with. Besides, I’m not trying to sell you any handbags here ;)

Side Seam Pocket

We are making two kinds of pockets for skirts and dresses. For fuller skirts we are using a side seam pocket that is supported in the waist seam. For A-line skirts we can use a top-stitched jeans style pocket.

Jeans Pocket

Here is a breakdown of our pocket policy.


  1. Most full and flowy skirts can be made with side seam pockets added. They're included by request only, not standard.
  2. Jean style pockets are standard on the Jane skirt. If you don't want them, please mention it in the checkout :)
  3. Of the fitted skirts, a jean style pocket can be added to the Column Skirt. As most of our pencil type skirts are ruched across the hip or lack side seams, they are not great candidates for the addition of pockets. If, however, you need an interior pocket for your coat check ticket/cash or insulin pump, we can attach one to the inside waist seam. Just let us know your desired dimensions in the checkout.


  1. Jean pockets are added to the Serious pant and Crop Pant upon request.
  2. We are not prepared to add pockets to the Leggings.
  3. Pockets are standard on the Play Pant. If you don't want them, please mention it in the checkout :)


  1. Side seam pockets can be added to any dress with a full and flowy skirt, by request, not standard. If the dress is a reversible style, let us know which side you'll wear in front the most. Alternatively, we can make the pockets reversible as well, but they'll be less stable.
  2. Side seam or jeans pockets can be added to most a-line dresses.
  3. Wiggle and Pencil dresses, sorry, still no.
  4. Maxi dresses. Pockets are not recommended in this case, but we can do either style on any maxi dress with a waist seam.

Notes about Hoodies:

Curved Pocket Opening

  • Our hoodies come with pockets if they are long enough to accommodate them, shortening up the length of your hoodie will shorten the depth of your pocket.

Slash Pocket Opening

  • There are two versions of the pocket opening for our hoodie pockets, a curved opening for easy hand access, or a slash opening for phone-not-falling-out reasons. If you prefer one over the other, let us know in the order notes :)

xoxo Emily