Perfect Pants

Perfect Pants

Published by Emily on 11th Mar 2020

Those of you who followed me along on last year's wardrobe adventures know that I've been on the path to perfect pants for some time now. I wasn't super confident with woven patterns and techniques, and I cut some corners early on.

We're all about the baby steps here at Ureshii, so I started by cloning a favourite pair of women's pants. That first pair had no pockets, waistband, or fly. I'm sure you all know how fun it is to wear pants without pockets *roll eyes*. Plus, a side zip is problematic, because you cannot suck in your hip. (Also, I acknowledge that my pocket opinions have changed slightly). After that, I raided our stash of wild print cottons and made some more.

This is my fourth pair from this pattern. Each iteration became more comfortable and more complex, and also more like a traditional trouser. I have become familiar with the details of trousers. I am so proud to have taken this step in upping my sewing (and drafting!) game. The fly, slash pocket, and welt pocket are no longer daunting sewing tasks.

In the interest of rolling this pattern out to other folks I want to make the fit more flexible and gender neutral. My next pattern adjustments will be dropping the crotch slightly and adding a pleat at the front. I'd also like to add some sort of subtle elastic in the side waistband.

I have been absolutely in love with the matchy matchy tops and bottoms I've been seeing on pop stars lately (matching is such a Seamstress Trap, it IS our season!). Since I've been working on patterns other than pants, I chose one of the new dresses and modelled them together. We are clearly having too much fun in the Ureshii studio!

xoxo -E