Published by Emily on 27th Mar 2020

Some of you have perhaps heard the rumour that we've been making overalls. They're adorable, a few local folks have some, and all seems to be going well.

We finalized the details and decided to grade the pattern, make a full range of samples, and get people into them! About a month ago, that's exactly what we did. We had one glorious weekend where people dropped by the Open Studio and tried them on, and we learned lots of things.

We needed some in-between sizes, so we filled out and expanded the range from five sizes to nine. We also made some tweaks to bib width and crotch depth. A huge thank you to those who stopped by and let us test fit you!

For fabrics, we're using vintage print cottons, linen, lightweight hemp denim, and super solid hemp canvas. I was having some trouble sewing the thicker seams with my little Brother machine. Amanda and I decided to go ahead and order the industrial sewing machine that I've been eyeing. What a relief! No more struggles, and we were full steam ahead.

The bad news is, now that we're social distancing, the studio is closed to customers, and there will be no more testing of sizes soon. That means we're still not ready to sell these online.

The good news is that the new machine is such a dream that I can stitch our stretchy jersey fabrics on it with no issue. I cut out a pair of bamboo french terry overalls yesterday, and they sewed up BEAUTIFULLY. I'm comfortable sending these ones out to our online clients, so they are now listed in the shop!

We of course hope you are all staying safe and healthy. All our love,