One in Every Colour

One in Every Colour

Published by Emily on 7th Jul 2015

This week our featured garment is the Cardigan, a super useful supporting piece that can pull an outfit together beautifully. These are the kind of pieces that, once found, immediately give me the “I NEED ONE IN EVERY COLOUR!” feeling. I inevitably slam on the brakes, reacting more to the impulse than anything.

Probably this is conditioning, a regular store sells out of that perfect collection, and your season ends. We’re programmed to feel like we need to buy up an entire wardrobe if it perfectly suits us or forever regret the loss. 



We hope that by taking the pressure off we haven’t completely killed the “One in Every Colour” phenomenon. When your parcel arrives and you wear one garment more than all of the others, we want you to come back for more. It isn’t wrong to own more than one of something if it’s the perfect thing for you ;)

So please, take a peek at the cardigan with an eye to adding colour. We offer this garment in all of our knit fabrics. It could be linen, for a bit of arm coverage, or French terry for when you’re sitting under the air conditioning vent. It’s light enough to tote around, and fairly flexible on the casual to dressy spectrum.

I hope you all have a lovely week :)  We are finally having beach weather, we may actually leave the house!

xoxo Emily