Making It Your Own (the Sweater Edition)

Making It Your Own (the Sweater Edition)

Published by Amanda on 11th Nov 2020

A quick reminder that you can always customize elements of our designs to make them your very own. Changing the neckline of a dress or top can really change its look and feeling. It might make it more your style, or make it work better with your favourite overlays and accessories. Check out these lovely choices a customer recently made:

The first is a Margot in Black pure merino, with an inset cowl neckline and thumbhole cuffs. The second is a Crusader in Mermaid hemp with a super cozy stand-up cowl in place of the usual hood, pockets and thumbhole cuffs included.

Another gorgeous customization we made last week was to a Pod Tunic:

This one's in Ivory sweater merino with a full-length sleeve. Instead of the deep v-neck of the original, we used a chunky yoke to give more coverage and extra coziness. 

What neckline suits YOU best? Does your favourite neckline change with the seasons?