Ladders and Laundry Cycles

Ladders and Laundry Cycles

Published by Amanda on 16th May 2019

After reading E's #Project333 update earlier this week, I thought you might appreciate some clarification.

A: So, you didn't really explain about the ladder.

E: The ladder? Well, it's just like a bedroom chair.

A: I don't think everyone has a bedroom chair.

E: But where do people put their not dirty/not clean clothes?

Which makes me wonder - how many people sort their clothes the way we do? We try really hard to only wash our garments when they absolutely need to be washed. Laundering is hard on fabric, and it makes clothes wear out fast. So when we change into pjs at the end of the day, we assess what we've worn and decide: can this be worn again before it's washed? If it can, it goes on the ladder.

In past spaces, we had a big comfy chair in the corner that served this function. Our current bedroom layout doesn't really allow for that, so we found a colourful old ladder to use instead. Pro: the cats can't sleep on it, so our clothes get less furry. Con: sometimes we have little chips of old paint embedded in our wooly sweaters :P

So tell me, do you have a pile of not dirty/not clean clothes? If so, where does it live?


Amanda, Laundry Tyrant