Just a Quick Photoshoot

Just a Quick Photoshoot

Published by Amanda on 19th Jul 2019

E and I had a day off together on Wednesday. We both work part-time jobs outside of Ureshii, so this doesn’t happen all that often. When it does, the to-do list for that day is long and completely impractical. Wednesday’s list included such things as:

  • pick up the shower stall kit from the building supply (it didn’t fit in the car)
  • cut back the mint and lupins so they don’t (even more thoroughly) take over the garden next year
  • pick strawberries and acquire some whipping cream so we can eat the pavlova E made the night before
  • finish grading (and start cutting) a full range of sizes for the PEI Binder Project
  • finish cutting a wholesale order for Drift
  • cut and sew retail orders
  • photoshoot

Such a small word, that last one. This particular photoshoot is the (partial) culmination of 2 (okay, maybe 5) years of research and design. We’ve been talking about a line of woven linen garments for a long time. So much trial and error! So much sewing and wearing and redrafting and learning. And oops, it’s turning out to include more hemp than linen ;)

Anyway, the samples are designed and sewn (mostly in their intended fabrics), and we’re finally happy with them. Now it’s time to name them (urgh), price them (gah), and show them off somehow.

We have a room in the house that’s permanently set up as a photo studio, so that part’s easy. At the correct time of day (when the natural light is best), E starts steaming and ironing. Then she does her hair and makeup (sometimes more than once, depending on her satisfaction with the results).

And then we take photos. 498 of them, apparently. We make styling decisions as we go through the outfit combinations - Who is this girl? Where is she going? Casual or dressy? Pumps or flats? Sparkly earrings or artsy textile? E somehow manages to change clothes dozens of times without destroying her hair or getting makeup on the garments, because she’s a star.

By the end of the shoot, we’re both stumbling about with dazed looks on our faces. It’s time to tidy (hah! There are clothes and shoes strewn EVERYWHERE) and drink some water. Then make a quick, panicked assessment of what’s on the SD card (because WHAT IF THE PHOTOS DIDN’T SAVE CORRECTLY). Reassured, we rassle up something to eat, and E washes her face.

And then we move on to the next thing on the list :P

Today is editing day. I go through the 498 photos and narrow them down to 28. Straighten, crop, tidy the white background. Name, file, and save. The next thing on my personal to-do list? Design a catalogue for these photos. Oh, my. At least there's pavlova.