Featured Garment: Sweetheart Top

Featured Garment: Sweetheart Top

Published by Emily on 19th Aug 2015

Speaking of sweethearts, my baby sister was here for three weeks, and I have been a terrible slacker.

Seriously, she is the best sister.

Doing the minimum sewing necessary felt like a glorious vacation. The last few days have been a sewing marathon, and now I am sitting down with a glass of wine and a faint plan for a blog post. *fingers crossed*

Sweetheart Top in Peacock rayon

As you can see, the Sweetheart Top has been around for a few years. The scoop was initially deeper and wider than our current version. In the interest of hiding bra straps and cleavage, we’ve tightened things up a bit.

The Sweetheart always has a double front – this allows the seam finish to be hidden between the layers of fabric. I’ve always felt that minimizing the use of bindings and topstitching is a sneaky way to make a garment appear dressier. The back of the Sweetheart top is normally a single layer with a binding. In very light colours we’re happy to double up the back if needed :)

Sweetheart top in Daffodil rayon

The Sweetheart sleeve is a below the elbow tadpole sleeve gathered to a cuff. I drafted it to be pretty but low-key, and to never get in the way. The Sweetheart Top is now shown with a folded and coverstitched hem, but I always prefer a waistband ;)

Sweetheart Top in (accidentally hand-dyed while trying to achieve Emerald) Military bamboo.

We decided to feature the Sweetheart because it is quintessential Ureshii. It looks like a blouse and feels like a t-shirt, walking the perfect line between dressy and casual.

And now I’m off to sleep, or sew one last dress, I can never decide :)

xoxo Emily