Featured Garment: Pants

Featured Garment: Pants

Published by Emily on 8th Aug 2015

Pants. Ever since I started making pants that weren’t for myself, I’ve had Pants Trauma. This is why (to some people’s dismay) we didn’t lower the prices on pants during the great price drop of 2014, and why our pants rarely go on sale.

Flowy Pant in Black modal

The first Ureshii pants were very early Ureshii, geared specifically for the dancing hippie market, coopted and rocked by dressy older ladies. The Lounge Pant, Flowy Pant, Cropped Lounge Pant, and Culottes were all one seam pants (no side seam). They were meant to be loose fitting and flowy, with a snug foldover waistband, (and so a flexible fit). The crotch was dropped – not far, just an inch – but enough that the look was more skirty and focused on comfort.

Culottes in Cocoa rayon

When we made the switch from boutique to made-to-measure, we mostly kept these styles; though the Cropped Pant and Culottes didn’t stick around for long because I had a terrible time modelling them :P

Lounge Pant in Granite bamboo

We kept the lounge pant around for years because we still loved it, but there were some problems. The lack of side seam meant that fit was less flexible than it needed to be. Hip and thigh were not independent of each other, and sometimes the pant leg was just too wide. The dropped crotch added another layer of complexity, because they were easy to wear higher than intended, and then be too short – all around disaster.

At last, I think, the Ureshii pants situation is sorted. The fronts and backs are cut separately, and width can be added or subtracted as needed. The waistbands are flat and cut with the grain to keep a low profile. The front is cut smaller and with a shorter crotch depth than the back, so that they pull flat across the front of the thigh.

Serious pant in Plum french terry

The Serious Pant is cut straight from the knee. The Straight Leg Pant is tapered to a narrow, but not-snug hem, my favourite around-the-house cut :)

Straight Leg Pant in Black french terry

The things that are hard about pants are still hard. With knit fabric and a snug fit, length and width will always be related. If you haven’t already ordered pants from us, definitely start with one pair so we can iron out any kinks. The french terry is lovely for bottoms, but also slightly less predictable. We will measure and hem your pants after they’re sewn in order to double check the inseam, but they may still misbehave. And please, feedback is always appreciated, it’s how we improve :)

xoxo Emily

Side note: If you magically convince me to make yellow pants, they will spontaneously combust after one year. I promise. Probably while you are wearing them ;)