Featured Garment: Flowy Skirt

Featured Garment: Flowy Skirt

Published by Amanda on 15th Jul 2015

The Flowy Skirt is one of the first styles Ureshii offered, way back in 2008. At the time, Emily was intrigued by elegant patterns that had the absolute minimum number of pieces and seams. A circle skirt fit the bill perfectly – it’s made up of a single piece of fabric cut in a circle, with a hole in the centre for the waist, plus a simple rectangular waistband. Because jersey fabric doesn’t have the stability of a woven fabric, she decided to make it an asymmetric circle – thus disguising any inherent imperfection in the hemline.

The Flowy Skirt c. 2008, in Raisin rayon spandex

Despite its playfulness and versatility, not everyone likes a mullet hem :) After many many requests for a symmetrically-hemmed version, we introduced the Flowy Skirt v. 2. By this time, we were working with our current bamboo/cotton blend, and it’s a fairly well-behaved jersey. No, it won’t provide the perfect hemline that you can expect from a woven circle skirt, but we do our best ;)

Unlike most skirts, a circle skirt offers lots of volume and movement without any added bulk at the waistline or hips. In jersey, it clings a bit and shows off your shape nicely. Add a crinoline, and you have the option of a classic 50s silhouette that emphasizes a nipped-in waist.

Both versions of our Flowy Skirt come with a 4″ tall flat jersey waistband. If you wear it low on the hips with a fitted top over it, the waistband sits smoothly over the lower belly with little or no showthrough. Add side seam pockets if you like, and try it in a print for an extra splash of colour.

Flowy Skirt v.2 in Purple Geode viscose spandex with added sideseam pockets

Order a longer version, and the waistband gives you complete control over your skirt length and silhouette. Wear it knee-length by folding the waistband down; make it a midi by wearing the waistband flat, low on the hips; wear it high, at the true waist, for the look of a dress.

Longer version of the Flowy Skirt v.2 in Black modal spandex, worn three ways

These skirts also make excellent maternity wear, as the waistband can be worn up over the belly or folded underneath. You can even request an extra tall waistband for maximum stability and coverage. The generous stretch of our fabrics means you can usually continue to wear them post-pregnancy.

As a note, if you live in a particularly windy area, you might consider ordering a matching pair of Boyshorts. You know – just in case ;)

xoxo Amanda