Expanding on a Theme

Expanding on a Theme

Published by Emily on 19th Aug 2019

As I mentioned before, these paisley pants were unexpected stars of my capsule wardrobe project. They had more impact in photos and gave more opportunity for interesting colour combinations. I found that I was wearing them pretty regularly even after my capsule project ended.  

The difficulty in wearing these pants during the project was the footwear pairing. Nothing in my capsule could get along with the pants stylistically. 

On day 81/90 I bought these gold loafers new from an actual store. It is as if my Toms and my sparkle flats came together to produce a grown-up shoe, one that I very nearly like. Cheddah is still deciding.

Now that this puzzle is solved I find myself wishing for more of these things. These comfortable clothes that speak up so strongly that getting dressed is a challenge. If there isn't a hard wardrobe puzzle to solve, I find I tend to self soothe with denim and neutrals. This is absolutely great and fine and allowed, but less satisfying.

So, we recently acquired a large quantity of this beautiful heavy duty flannel. This insane plaid seemed only suitable for cottage decor.

I was trying to work out what to make myself - a dress that doesn't HAVE to go with anything, a pencil skirt? When I threw out the idea of pants, Amanda came home from thrifting with shoes to wear with them. 

And so I cloned my paisley pants and made a few improvements to the fit. I wore them to work today, and they were comfy. Once again, no one called me out for dressing like a clown, so I'm going to keep it up. 

Next knock-off - the boucle pencil skirt, in a wide green stripe. 

I wish you all a joy-filled week,