DIY Flip-Down Pressing Board

DIY Flip-Down Pressing Board

Published by Amanda on 10th Apr 2020

The Ureshii ironing board got a fresh new cover earlier this year, and it's been getting lots of use. Sewing with a lockstitch requires much more pressing than sewing with a coverstitch. But since our studio space is designed to maximize working surface area, we have limited open floor space. If Emily sets up to press and sew simultaneously, that means I only have access to one side of the cutting table. I have long arms, it's true - just not quite that long ;)

So a plan was hatched to build the flip-down pressing board of Emily's dreams.

Raiding our stash of used-but-still-good supplies is always satisfying.

We ordered the heavy-duty folding shelf brackets online, and they are everything we hoped for.

Wobble and creak-free pressing!

Now E can stitch a seam, spin her chair a little to the left to press the next seam, then spin back. And I get almost full access to the cutting table while she's doing it. Efficiency is a beautiful thing *sighs happily*.