Coverstitching Everything!

Coverstitching Everything!

Published by Emily on 1st Sep 2014

Labour day is here! Looks like we managed to work our way through another summer. Every year we get better at managing work and kids, or maybe the kids just get better at feeding themselves :P


Our newish Janome Coverpro 1000cpx 

I bought my first coverstitch machine (or one with the capability to convert to coverstitch) back in 2002. The machine would not cooperate and I spent years arguing with it before I gave up entirely. It was never replaced. Fast forward to Ureshii and a wealth of construction techniques born of limited stitching capabilities.

In February we finally bought a dedicated coverstitch machine, it was like the heavens opened, so exciting.  Also a bit disorienting, because so many patterns have to be reassessed, and habits broken.  So here we are, solving some problems that have irked us for some time.


Cardigan in Lavender Bamboo 

We love our shrugs, but we’ve longed to do something a little less fitted for ages. The coverstitch gives us a way to finish a single layer edge that is cleaner and more durable than the roll hem. So first things first, we made this cardigan. The best part, we can make it in all fabrics.


Layer Cake Lite in White/Slate/Coral/Bali 

We’re able to lighten up in other ways too.  Sometimes a full on double layer of fabric is too much, so we’re taking the time to re-think some dresses. We made this lighter version of the layer cake last night. I love both versions, but this one will be much easier to wear in the summer!

Also, the single layer boat neckline on this dress is something we’ve been wanting to do forever!


Siren Top in Lilac modal 

It isn’t all about the single layers, there are definitely cases where going with a double layer is better. We’ve started hemming some of our double layer garments with the outer layer folded under and coverstitched. If you’re ordering a double layer non-mix-and-match top and have feelings about this either way, definitely let us know :P


New fabric option list

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some work on the website. Well, that’s only half true, I spent 3 days making crazy eyes at the computer, not sure it could be called work…

We’ve changed the way fabrics are selected in the listings. This should make ordering a little clearer on small screens. Also, the back end of this system is easier to manage and we’ll be able to keep up with changes in fabric stock.

The blog is now integrated with the site (we hope!)  Amanda and I are planning to blog a bit about what we do and why. I swear, there are reasons :D

xoxo Emily