Big Skirt Energy

Big Skirt Energy

Published by Amanda on 7th Dec 2020

If you're a Summerside local, you've probably seen me traipsing about in a Big Skirt. They're one of my wardrobe staples. I love the grounding feel of them, the swish, the comfort, the uncommon-ness. E's been making them for me for years, in all sorts of fabrics and all sorts of sizes, because I am spoiled like that ❤️

This one's wool, and it doubles nicely as an impromptu picnic blanket in the spring and fall. I have another that's made from an *actual* thrifted army blanket. It's strictly a winter skirt ;)

One of my summer ones matches my reusable shopping bag a little too well. They're made from a breezy, lightweight cotton we bought secondhand at our favourite annual fabric fundraiser. Linen works, too! If you wear a big skirt to the beach, you have your own personal changing tent.

You can wear them with sandals or with combat boots. Shy toddlers and rambunctious kittens can hide behind them. The pockets are huge and so well hidden that no one can tell if they're full of sparkly rocks or secret cookies.

The only glitch in the early design is the side zip waist yoke. Don't get me wrong - it's super comfy and never digs in. I love it. But from a made-to-measure standpoint, it's just not very flexible when it comes to fit. Gain an inch or two around the middle, and all of a sudden the waistband sits way up at your underbust, while the skirt itself gets several inches shorter. Slim down a little, and the skirt will sit low enough on your hips that it drags on the ground. (Hence my stash of skirts in multiple sizes).

But this week, E took our fresh, hard-earned knowledge of pants waistbands and applied it to my beloved skirt pattern. The Big Skirt is now available to everyone! It's newly zipper-free and weight-fluctuation-friendly. Its waistband is pull-on style, with a flat front and a soft elastic back.

Are you ready to rock the #BigSkirtEnergy?