A Love Affair with Linen

A Love Affair with Linen

Published by Amanda on 13th Jul 2015

Linen is officially our favourite fibre. This year our main fabric supplier started offering linen jerseys and wovens, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

So, what is it? Linen is a natural fibre manufactured from the inner stalk of the flax plant. Flax grows quickly and easily in a variety of climates and soils, and humans have been making it into clothing for thousands of years. Currently, it’s produced mainly in Europe and China, but there’s a farm right here in the Maritimes working to recreate a small scale local linen industry. Locally-grown and locally-produced fabric? For someone who wears mostly bamboo rayon and cotton that’s been shipped here from the other side of the globe, this kind of blows my mind ;)


Flax flowers and seedheads. Photo credit: http://www.taprootfarms.ca/Fibre-Lab

Compared to cotton, flax requires less water, less fertilizer, and fewer pesticides. The process of producing a quality fibre is more intensive, but the resulting fabric is much more durable and fade-resistant. Plus, it just feels better than cotton – its texture softens and improves with each washing. If cared for correctly, a linen garment can last a lifetime.

Like other natural fibres, linen allows the skin to breathe. It absorbs moisture and feels cool against the skin, making it an excellent choice in hot weather. But it also works well in cool, air-conditioned offices, as it helps regulate body temperature. We have several customers who tell us it’s the go-to choice during menopause ;)

Felicity Shell in Indigo linen jersey paired with a woven Pencil Skirt in Red linen/rayon

Linen has a wonderfully distinctive texture and sheen that people recognize. Yes, it wrinkles. You can choose to appreciate the washed look and let it be, or you can choose to enjoy the meditative process of ironing. The jersey can be steamed, rather than pressed, but I find that the wrinkles fall out with the warmth of the body within the first 30 minutes or so.

Because our linen jerseys don’t have the spandex content of our other jerseys, the styles offered are more limited. You can find those here. Woven options will be on offer very soon! Linen fabric relaxes as you wear it, so the fit of a garment will change slightly throughout the day, and it may need a bit of reshaping after washing. Don’t worry, the extra effort is worth it.

So? Do we love it for its luxurious look, its low environmental impact, its long-lasting quality? Yes! But mostly, we wear it and work with it because it feels amazing :D

xoxo Amanda