• Twitter Made Me Do It

    23rd Sep 2014

    Twitter Made Me Do It

    We spend a lot of time on Twitter. We joined in January 2009, because it was the latest cool social media thing to do (or so the Etsy forums said). And, hey – we felt immediately comforta…

    Published by Amanda

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  • Coverstitching Everything!

    1st Sep 2014

    Coverstitching Everything!

    Labour day is here! Looks like we managed to work our way through another summer. Every year we get better at managing work and kids, or maybe the kids just get better at feeding themselves :P…

    Published by Emily

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  • When Soft Tops Attack!

    10th Nov 2013

    When Soft Tops Attack!

    I made twenty five Soft Tops this week, so it seemed like the perfect time to give this garment a good going over.  We’ve been selling this top since day one, and it doesn’t seem to be losing…

    Published by Emily

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  • The REAL Ureshii Heroes

    4th Oct 2013

    The REAL Ureshii Heroes

    Seems like time to introduce the real stars of the whole Ureshii operation. (Someone should cover all kitty ears for a minute or two!) True, I do all the sewing, but these babies stop me from spending…

    Published by Emily

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