• There's No Shame In Multiples

    7th Jun 2018

    There's No Shame In Multiples

    We've been fielding lots of inquiries recently about capsule wardrobes, which seems like a good reason to start blogging again. If we stick with it, this will be a series of pointers on how to deve…

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  • Pockets

    5th May 2016


    *updated February 2017 - price upgrades no longer required ;)I’ve decided it’s time for us to have a frank discussion about one of the great sources of tension between clothing makers and clothing buy…

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  • Colouring

    14th Apr 2016


    *updated March 2018 - Our colouring page gallery is no longer posted, but you are welcome to request colouring pages any time :)This week we added a new gallery to our site. A customer suggested we ma…

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  • Inspiration: Claudette Colbert

    4th Nov 2015

    Inspiration: Claudette Colbert

    A dear customer posted an image to our Facebook page recently. Would it be possible to make her one?Claudette Colbert, filming The Palm Beach Story, 1942It’s a stunning and improbable dress. A dress l…

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  • Featured Garment: Undies

    23rd Oct 2015

    Featured Garment: Undies

    I am not a fan of underwear. Unfortunately, I am also not a fan of going commando. So, for years I wore uncomfortable undies. Too tight, too loose, too high-waisted. Don’t even talk to me about thongs…

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  • Shirt Happens

    13th Oct 2015

    Shirt Happens

    One of the great things about our design process is that it’s collaborative. We can make a sample, edit it quickly, photograph it and find out what you think immediately. We thought we’d show you how…

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  • A Fabric Evolution

    9th Oct 2015

    A Fabric Evolution

    When Ureshii first came about, Emily knew she wanted to work with jersey/knit fabric. She looked for something that would take a stitch nicely, drape beautifully, and be readily available in a rainbow…

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  • Featured Garment: Sweetheart Top

    19th Aug 2015

    Featured Garment: Sweetheart Top

    Speaking of sweethearts, my baby sister was here for three weeks, and I have been a terrible slacker.Seriously, she is the best sister.Doing the minimum sewing necessary felt like a glorious vacation.…

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  • Featured Garment: Pants

    8th Aug 2015

    Featured Garment: Pants

    Pants. Ever since I started making pants that weren’t for myself, I’ve had Pants Trauma. This is why (to some people’s dismay) we didn’t lower the prices on pants during the great price drop of 2014,…

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  • Featured Garment - Momo Top

    30th Jul 2015

    Featured Garment - Momo Top

    This week we’re featuring the Momo Top, one of our not-so-secret favourites. Momo is Japanese for peach, and we were thinking *peaches* because of the sneaky cleavage factor. The neckline is mostly mo…

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  • Sailor Nostalgia

    22nd Jul 2015

    Sailor Nostalgia

    In last week’s post about the Flowy Skirt, Amanda mentioned a time when I was focussed on flexibility of fit and minimizing the number of seams in a garment. At the time I was working alone, and selli…

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